There were many people that were either born or raised in Little Rock Arkansas that become famous for writing books. Others became a famous actor or actress playing in popular movies and other television programs. Joey Lauren Adams is one of them, an actress born in Little Rock who played a role as Bud Bundy’s girlfriend in Married with Children, she also played in Chasing Amy, Cone heads, Second Noah, Mallrats and Hercules. Julie Adams was an actress raised in Little Rock Arkansas who played in the television series Murder She Wrote. She also appeared in various movies over the years. Gilbert Maxwell Anderson born in Little Rock played in western movies such as The Great Train Robbery. Frank Bonner was a director and actor born in Little Rock. He played as Herb Tarlek in the television series WKRP in Cincinnati. He also played parts in television series like Night Court and Newhart.

Other famous people from Little Rock Arkansas were Gail Davis who was born in Little Rock. She was known to people as Annie Oakley on television. She played in other shows such as The Andy Griffith Show and The Bob Hope Special. Al Hibbler who was born in Little Rock was a popular baritone singer who rose to fame with the Duke Ellington band. He had been blind since birth and went on to sing with local bands. In 1955 he recorded the hit Unchained Melody along with other hits. Wayland Holyfield is from Little Rock Arkansas and is a songwriter for recording artist such as Don Williams and Waylon Jennings. George Newbern is a native of Little Rock and starred in television series like the Boys are Back and went on to star in movies like Adventures in Babysitting and Father of the Bride. He is starring on the television series Providence at the current time.

Fred Graham a Little Rock native was a CBS news correspondent and covered the Watergate and Agnew scandal. He was the author of two books one being The Self Inflicted Wound and the other being The Alias Program. John Gould Fletcher was born in Little Rock and was the first southern poet to get the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. He was respected as a critic and prose writer. These were just some of the famous people that came from Little Rock Arkansas making a career in film or as writers.